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Your Program Includes

Streaming Video Library

All the visual instruction you need to end pain and build your best body. Hundreds of simple, non-intimidating tutorials and workouts.

On-Demand Classes

Full access to an ever-expanding catalog of classes covering all aspects of back, neck, and joint health and fitness.

Weekly Email Updates

Weekly educational email updates to keep you up to date with the latest spine-safe fitness and health.

At Your Service

Access to our team of clinical experts via phone or video call to discuss your personal needs.

Track Progress

online and in life. Get guided metrics to see and feel real improvement.


BACKFOREVER is able to work for over 80% of back and neck pain sufferers because most back and neck pain is the result of two causes: our behaviors — the way we sit, stand, move, and live; and the resulting breakdown in the body’s natural support system for the spine-the core. These behaviors are very similar across all Americans: those with back pain tend to bend, twist, lift, sit, stand, work, and play in the same patterns which degrade and damage their backs over time. BACKFOREVER teaches new ways to move and live based on what members tell us they do every day. Members begin the exercise portion of the program from a starting point unique to them, based on their own comfort level and our recommendations derived from the information in their self- assessments.

The path to a healthy back and neck starts and ends with you. You have to do the hard work. This is the reason that back pain is such an epidemic in this and other countries, and why it is so poorly treated: we are used to modern, Western medicine fixing things for us. Make no mistake, modern medicine is remarkable at fixing many things. But for some conditions, a simple fix doesn’t work. Heart disease is one of those — you have to change your lifestyle and behavior to prevent or reverse heart disease. Back pain is similar.

Most of you have probably experienced blessed short-term relief from a shot, pill, chiropractic adjustment, or stretch given to you by a health care provider. But what happened after? For many of you, the pain came back. Those providers cannot change your behavior and habits for you. YOU are in charge of your recovery.

Through my years of experience and study of the latest research, I have developed the best system of teaching people to learn these concepts in the fastest, most efficient manner through videos and written instruction. The videos and instruction are here for you whenever you need them. Come back whenever you need to. Go at your own pace until you master it all, changing your behaviors and rebuilding your back and body for lifelong back pain relief. We strongly recommend you consult with a physician before beginning this program.

If you stick to the program and are willing to commit to 15 minutes a day for 5 days a week, you will likely see significant improvements in your pain, posture and improved ability to do daily activities within two weeks. Most will notice small changes in a few days.

There is no contract. You will be charged $9.99 per month after your 7 day trial until you cancel. You can easily cancel from within your profile by clicking “profile” and “cancel subscription.” No need to call or write us and no cancellation fee.

If you want to be completely self-sufficient and never go to a gym, you will need to buy some basic equipment. We offer links on our site here or you can buy on your own. The required basic equipment can usually be purchased for under $100.